Introducing the Exo General Investment Account

Your individual and adaptive portfolio

With the Exo GIA you choose the sectors, regions and asset classes you want to invest in from more than 500 leading Exchange Traded Funds. Exo seeks to identify the optimal ETFs for your portfolio dependent on your investment level and risk profile.

A portfolio that adapts

The Exo GIA is a fully flexible investing solution, allowing you to change your risk or investment focus whenever you want, at any time, for no additional cost.

Algorithms that smooth your journey

Our investment approach is based on dynamic risk management, focussed on delivering a smooth investment journey to minimise the potential for negative returns.

Managed daily

Exo analyses your portfolio on a daily basis, adapting the distribution of ETFs as market conditions change to maximise the probability of reaching your investment targets.

24/7 access and control

You can view your GIA whenever you want, as well as being able to make changes to your investment focus, risk profile or funding amount.

Continuously improving

Exo will constantly improve over time the more it learns, to increase the chance of you reaching your investment goals.

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Why open a General Investment Account with Exo?

Product name
The Exo stocks and shares GIA uses only Exchange Traded Funds, rather than incurring the charges of actively managed funds.
You remain in control over your investments, whilst our risk management algorithms review your portfolio daily, to give you peace of mind as market conditions change.
No other GIA comes with state of the art portfolio management technology to continuously manage your risk. With Exo you get the same level of sophistication as you would at a private bank.

Pricing calculator

Choose your investment amount to see how much you will pay.

0.75% p.a.
£10,000 - £100,000
0.50% p.a.
+ £100,000
0.75% p.a.
0.50% p.a.


No transaction fees

So you can add and withdraw funds freely.


No trading fees

To give you the freedom to control your portfolio.


No hidden commissions

So you always know how much you are going to pay.

Still have questions?

  • Who can open an account?

    Our investment accounts are available to UK tax residents over the age of 18 who also hold a UK bank account.

  • How much can I invest?

    You can start investing from £10,000 and because there's no deposit limit to GIAs, you're free to increase your investment as much as you want.

  • How will my money be invested?

    Your portfolio will be made up of Exchange Traded Funds to maximise your potential for positive investment returns.

  • Is my investment taxable?

    GIAs are subject to taxes on dividend and capital gains. In order to help you comply with your legal duties, we provide you with a periodic account statement.

More questions?

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