Introducing the Exo ISA

Make the most of your 2017-18 £20,000 tax-year allowance with the breakthrough Exo Stocks and Shares ISA.

Open an Exo ISA

Powered by the same sophisticated technology used by institutional investors and private banking clients, the Exo ISA offers daily management of your own individual portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds, at low online prices.

Your personal, flexible portfolio

Choose where in the world – and what – you want to invest in. Exo will automatically select the best funds, matching these to your investment profile and risk appetite to build your personal stocks and shares ISA.

Make changes whenever you want, adjusting your risk or investment focus, for no additional cost.

Daily management

Exo will adjust the selection and weighting of ETFs as the market environment changes to ensure your investments are always optimally balanced, increasing the probability of reaching your goals.

Our management philosophy is based on dynamic risk management, which facilitates a smoother investment experience, minimising the potential for losses.

Full transparency

You can access your ISA at any time through our website or mobile phone app, where you will always be able to see your portfolio performance, as well as predicted performance across multiple scenarios.

Always improving

Our technology will constantly learn and improve its decision-making, increasing the chance of you reaching your investment objectives.

ETS Asset Management Factory

How does the Exo ISA compare?

Our ISA consists solely of low cost Exchange Traded Funds. We access over 500 of the best, objectively measured by our technology.

Your individual portfolio ensures a unique level of personal control, combined with market leading, daily risk management to give you peace of mind as markets fluctuate and change over time.

You get the same level of expertise and functionality as extremely wealthy clients of private banks, all for a simple online fee.


What is an ISA?

An account that allows investors to save money without paying taxes on cash interest or on income and capital gains.

What are the different types of ISAs?

Cash ISA: Savings in bank and building society accounts.

Stocks and shares ISA: Shares in companies, unit trusts, investment funds, corporate and government bonds.

Innovative finance ISA: Loan-based and investment-based crowdfunding.

Lifetime ISA: Either cash or stocks and government contributions.

What type of ISA does Exo Investing offer?

Stocks and shares ISA made up of ETFs.

Who can open a stocks and shares ISA?

UK residents aged 18 and over, who have a UK bank account.

Is there a limit on my investment?

For the 2017/2018 tax year, you can save up to £20,000 in total across your different ISAs.

Can I hold several ISAs alongside the Exo ISA?

If you already hold any type of ISA for the 2017/2018 tax year, you need to close it prior to opening an Exo ISA. In the future it will be possible to transfer an existing ISA to Exo.

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