Take control of your investments

Creating your personal portfolio

Spend time picking how you want to invest without needing to research each individual fund.

Risk profile

Build your personal profile

Tell us your financial goals and situation, Exo uses these to build your unique portfolio.


Explore your appetite for risk

Exo calibrates your risk level based on your approach to investing and uses this to allocate your funds.

Focus portfolio

Choose your investment focus areas

Choose the sectors, markets and asset classes you want to invest in or let the algorithms decide.

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Balancing your portfolio

Exo uses quantitative analysis to combine:

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Exo's algorithms identify the optimum weighting for your portfolio.

We do all the calculations for you based on data, not instinct, so you don't need to worry about diversifying your portfolio.

Managing your portfolio

With Exo, your portfolio will continuously adapt to market changes, even if your risk level remains constant.

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You remain in control

Monitor your individual portfolio


Predicted portfolio performance

Asset allocation

Asset weighting


ETFs in your portfolio

Geographic allocation

Global distribution

Make unlimited adjustments.

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You can change the sectors, markets or asset classes you chose to invest in, or your risk profile at anytime, for whatever reason.

An election, regulatory changes in the healthcare sector or even a hunch in an emerging market.

Why Exo?


Create a personal portfolio in minutes


Unlimited changes at no additional cost

Portfolio management

Continuous portfolio management by Exo

Funding and withdrawals

Flexible funding and withdrawals


Advanced, real-time analytics

Risk management

30 years of proven risk management technology

Build your unique portfolio with Exo

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