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Why choose Exo?


Why indeed? After all, I’m just a guy, on a laptop, telling you that the investment journey you want to take, and the industry as a whole, is evolving.

For a long time, the risk and reaction involved in investing have been left in the hands of other people and, after the political events of late, we all know how leaving things in the hands of other people can turn out. If anything, the world just seems to get more unpredictable, despite our best efforts. Exo’s mission is to pass on a simple, important message; Investing and its risks are too important to be ignored, misunderstood or done badly.

The choices we make in our finances are as nuanced as any other important life decision we make, and yet, the fact remains: everything we do with our money is a form of investment, whether it’s for the long-term future, saving goals or a questionable Saturday night takeaway.

Let’s talk about gut feelings for a moment. We have them all the time, and it’s caused by one of two things. One, being too many takeaways and the other, unconscious bias. I’d back my team to win when nobody else would because sometimes you just know, don’t you? Needless to say, I’m usually left disappointed. Thanks, gut feelings, thanks.

A portfolio should reflect the personality the investor puts into it, but when it comes to the day-to-day heavy lifting, following the daily fluctuations of the market, the real challenges are numerous. A modern portfolio should and can contain investments that balance these factors out, taking both your own motivations and that crafty, changeable old market, into account.

Simply put, we wanted to offer you a portfolio you could change as easily as a Spotify playlist, where you can trust Exo’s algorithms to optimise your portfolio’s risk, every 24 hours. No human wealth advisor can make that same guarantee, on a daily basis. We don’t see investing as a game, or a race, or a lottery. Exo is the smarter way to secure your financial future because, to be honest, investing is too important to be ignored, misunderstood or done badly. So, what’s your gut telling you now?