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🤗 What's new on the Exo platform?

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We’ve been heads down over the last two months working on a load of improvements to the Exo platform.

Launch was a very exciting time for us, it meant real people testing the limits of what we had built, and whilst it wasn't 100% perfect and we have a long way to go, we learned some very important things.

Adding funds is now A LOT easier 💰

Introducing Finessed Funding ™. Just kidding, no trade-marking here. Just a shorter, easier and more user friendly way to add money to your account.


Before, you had to choose how much you wanted to invest and then you absolutely had to stick with your decision...

...or we would’ve had problems matching your funds to the platform.

Now you can be free. Well when it comes to adding funds anyway.

Just decide how much you want to transfer, get the details direct from your dashboard and off you go.

Plus we've also removed the time limit on transfers, we know life is busy.



Seeing the impact of you decisions is now instant

Before, it wasn't possible to see what changing your risk level did to your asset allocation or how your forecast changed dependent on your time horizon.

Now you can.

Amend your risk level, investment amount or time horizon and your portfolio will immediately update.


So have a play around and see what works best for you when building your bespoke portfolio.

Give it a go

What's next?

  • Updates to our iOS app
  • Referral program... I’ve heard rumours of a holiday on the cards 👀
  • Rebalancing visual - so you can actually see how your portfolio changes over time. Here’s a sneak peak of what the portfolio rebalancing is going to look like:


If you would like to get involved we are looking for some early adopters to do some user testing for us. Email us at help@exoinvesting.com and we will be in touch.

Happy investing!

Team Exo