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Meghan’s marriage to Harry symbolises changes that reach far beyond aristocracy


The new world

Public events, and especially April Fool’s Day, always come with their fair share of “gimmicks”: designers tweak logos, copywriters replace advertising slogans, and branding teams create “limited edition” products that are supposedly being brought to market.

However, for us this feels different. So whilst, yes, we have jumped on the royal wedding bandwagon by adding a crown to our lead poster, and updating our marketing messages to reflect the big day, there is an important and relevant reason why.

At Exo, we all genuinely believe in breaking down financial barriers, so on a day where once-perceived societal norms are crashing down, it is a unique opportunity for us to highlight not only the synergies between finance and societal elite, but that the trend of democratisation across both is following a very similar path.

You couldn’t have imagined decades ago that an American divorcée actress with a black mother would be walking down the aisle at Windsor castle and you also couldn’t have imagined years ago that private investors could access a personalised investment service which is diversified, managed and monitored on a daily basis…for just 21p a day.

Until the sixteenth century, investing was a privilege of only the elite classes.

Investing began as being reserved for the ultra-wealthy and the monarchy, and whilst recently the wave of robo-advice platforms launching has democratised investment, it’s still challenging to get a personalised portfolio which takes into account your situation, life goals and risk appetite and which is watched like a hawk 24/7 and at an accessible price point.

If both Harry and William can buck the trend of marrying only into aristocracy, how can we disrupt the rules of finance, which for so long have favoured the institutions and ultra high-net worth individuals?


Today, technology is the main enabler of change. Digital transformation is visible in almost every industry and just as travel agents have become almost obsolete, now only used for complex and extreme cases, we will likely see finance move the same way.

At Exo, we have combined the financial expertise of the institutions and private banks with the advances in parallel processing and cloud computing to bring individualised investing to private investors, who before would have been priced out of the market.

By building a proposition which relies on algorithms that evolve and improve on a daily basis, we can deliver personalised portfolios to the majority of investors for a low cost. Plus, we can manage them and monitor them on a daily basis too.

We believe people shouldn’t need the wealth of the ultra rich to invest like them. So let’s raise a glass to the royals breaking down social barriers and here’s to our journey at Exo breaking down wealth barriers, because you really don’t have to be a royal to invest like one.