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The Next Step


One of the greatest aspects of being a fintech company is working with technology that can change industries, business futures and people’s lives in so many ways.

When we talk about what technology can do for the world, the possibilities are, truly, endless.

That’s why we’re beyond excited to announce that we’ve reached the next stage of our journey in exploring those possibilities by launching Nucoro.

Nucoro provides financial businesses with technology to address the problems that slow down their existing services, build new offerings and extend their capabilities for the future, providing access to the same powerful tools we built Exo Investing with via API or through custom integrations.

When we launched Exo Investing, we wanted to provide accessibility and availability of private banking grade wealth management in a fully digital proposition and at fixed, transparent low price to our customers.

As we embark on the next stage of our wider mission, Exo Investing remains a part of our plans.

We were proud to see Exo go onto win several industry awards, after only a year of operation (thanks everyone!)

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It’s the tip of the iceberg for what we know we can do for the wealth management sector as a whole.

Nucoro is here to share the cutting-edge technology that built Exo Investing, to empower businesses to create better financial products, for more people, at speed.

We’re here to inspire the ambitious, support the innovative and solve the problems that have stood in the way of letting you accelerate your growth and delight your clients.

Exo was just the beginning. Find out more at Nucoro.com