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Meet the brains behind Exo, who are democratising investment through technology


“We want to take robo advice to the next level. By democratising access to sophisticated investment management, we can empower people financially through technology.”

This is our CEO Lennart Asshoff’s vision for Exo. This vision became ever more a reality when our CTO Antonio Melé joined just under two years ago. Before that, Lennart spent six years as product manager for ETS — one of Europe’s largest quantitative asset firms. It was while crafting made-to-measure investment portfolios for institutional clients that a question was raised:

Why should these high-end tools and technologies be the preserve of the institutional and high net worth clients?

…And with that, the journey of Exo started to take flight.

According to Antonio, when it comes to investing, financial data is a mostly untapped opportunity, with financial institutions rarely brave enough to use cutting edge technologies to process it. Never before has there been so much available to create investor value, such as portfolio personalisation at scale.

Antonio jumped at this opportunity, to democratise and disrupt the financial services industry with Lennart, bringing to bear machine learning algorithms which have evolved over 30 years. They have unwavering belief in each other’s ability to create this change that the market is so ready for. They think the same way: test, optimise, make changes. They are always working together to feed back results into our development process.

He has a long track record in building technological solutions for multinational heavyweights, like Telefónica and Vodafone. He sees Exo’s technology as its key strength: “Financial institutions have traditionally been reluctant to embrace new technologies. They never got to exploit the capabilities of state-of-the-art tech. Fintech players are leading the disruption by using cutting-edge technologies.”

We believe Exo is a game changing investment service. Lennart and Antonio are fiercely proud of the opportunity Exo offers personal investors. They believe in enabling people to achieve their financial goals using tools and investment strategies that were previously exclusive to institutional and high net worth investors, through an online platform, with an online price. Compared to the growing army of robo advice services, we offer far greater levels of personalisation and daily portfolio management.

Fundamental to Lennart’s philosophy is Exo playing the role of “co-pilot”. He sees Exo as “smoothing out the investment journey”. Our sophisticated technology allows assets to be moved to safe havens in times of market distress, without the need for intervention by an adviser. It works in the background to maximise the potential of your decisions. Over the years, research has shown that typically, when an investment or trade fails to perform (especially in a financial crisis), it’s not uncommon to have feelings of shock, anger or panic. This can skew an investor’s logic, leading them to make bad decisions. It doesn’t have biases and it’s never influenced by a herd mentality.

Exo’s advanced systems make real-time investment decisions through tried and tested AI algorithms that factor in the current market conditions. This is the equivalent of having your own investment manager analysing the markets non-stop — one who creates a dynamic investment portfolio based on yourspecific preferences, constantly evolving and optimising towards your needs and the market context.

Exo uniquely merges technology, investing and risk control, to make individual investing accessible for all. In Lennart’s words, we aim to go “beyond robo” and to “accelerate the inevitable paradigm shift in financial services”. He believes we have the technology and services to make Exo “the most advanced online wealth management platform in Europe”.

Take more control over your financial future, with less effort and sign up for Exo.