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Kicking off the summer in style

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This summer, we hosted our first ever event, and we’re pleased to say it went swimmingly. Well, if swimmingly includes your CEO (and lead speaker) coming down with flu the day of the event that is. Fortunately, we had our fantastic co-founder and MD, José María Carbajo, COO Nikolai Hack and CTO Antonio Melé all on hand and more than happy to quite literally step up and speak at short notice.

With welcome drinks on arrival, we welcomed over 50 people to the event. Some were our fantastic clients, a few were friendly faces and industry contacts, and excitingly for us, most were new faces that wanted to learn more about Exo and meet the team.

The theme was the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Investing, and the presentation looked at both the everyday uses of AI and how commonplace it now is, and how it can now enhance our investing abilities.

Here’s a look into the content of the evening.

The power of AI in our everyday lives

No idea where your next meeting is or how to get there? Google Maps shows us all relevant route options and the time each will take via the method of transport used.

Can’t think of what to watch or listen to next? Netflix has you covered with your TV and film recommendations and Spotify will kindly serve up your own daily mix.

Planning your next trip but don’t know where to stay? There are a host of sites that now help you tailor your holiday based on location preferences, activities, time scales and budget.

Each of these services is now standard for us. They’ve become such a big part of our everyday lives that when a different or new service isn’t able to predict what we’d like or need, we border on outrage.

The common element across all of these is AI. In its simplest form, each of these services adopt a process of looking at a giant pool of data, overlaying your preferences, and extracting the relevant matching parts to serve you a suggestion. The more the service is used, the more data it holds. The more you use it, the better it understands your preferences. All the while learning and optimising in real time.

This brought us to one major question that remains our driving force.

Why shouldn’t your investment portfolio be capable of the same?

What is AI capable of in wealth management?

It’s always on! It’s the wealth manager that never sleeps, never takes a holiday and never misses a market shift while out to dinner with another client.

As we mentioned in our article on ‘What’s wrong with investing as we know it today?’, the sheer processing power of a computer vs a human is drastically different. Advanced AI is able to run tens of thousands of calculations, analyse the results, place the buy and sell order for a portfolio as necessary, and then go again, minute after minute. An added bonus from analysing such a large amount of data is it’s also able to compare recent market activity with both historic and synthetic market scenarios.

To put it simply, humans can’t do this.

As an example, we’re proud to say that where a traditional investment portfolio may rebalance quarterly, your Exo portfolio is checked and rebalanced as necessary every day.


How can AI enhance your investment ability?

The power of AI and machine learning algorithms lies in their ability to constantly process data, all the while becoming increasingly intelligent and efficient. With this quantitative approach, there are a number of benefits to you the client, but importantly, you can invest with conviction. By building a truly bespoke portfolio that matches your needs and preferences, you can take control of your investments.

Reduce your worry over the markets, safe in the knowledge that your portfolio is reacting as necessary, ensuring you’re always on the efficient frontier.

Another important benefit? You’re removing that pesky human emotion. Check out this article on the dangers of human emotion in investing to find out more on this.

Delivering these benefits to you is what drove us to build Exo.

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Our mission

In founding Exo, our goal was to build the first AI-powered wealth manager for everyday investors. Now that we’ve launched, our mission continues to be to enhance our clients investment abilities by giving them access to some of the most advanced portfolio creation and risk management technologies available, all at a single low monthly fee.

One of the questions we had at the event - why now?

Private banks have been offering personalised services for decades and we felt the time was right for private investors to finally have access to individual wealth management too.

With rapid advancements in technology, the cost of running a service of this nature is now significantly reduced, meaning it’s no longer exclusive to just the top 1%.

We’ve also got a world leading technology partner in ETS Asset Management Factory, who have been using AI to make smart investing decisions for over 30 years (they launched in 1987). As our CTO Antonio Melé was able to explain in our Q&A, this technology has never let ETS down, even through multiple significant market downturns.

What now?

Don’t worry. We plan to hold regular events and you can check here to stay up-to-date and register for the next one.

We’ve created lots of content and information about Exo across our blog and website, however if you’d prefer to talk to someone why not contact us via either email at help@exoinvesting.com or give us call on +44 20 8068 0484 - better yet, jump on live chat and start speaking to us now.