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Introducing Exo: Your investment co pilot


Beyond ‘robo advice’

There’s been a giant surge in the popularity of robo advice platforms in recent years. And there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, they take the complexity out of investing. Secondly, they do so at a reasonable price. They provide users with a managed portfolio based on a few simple questions that consider an investor’s attitude to risk and financial status. Such is the growth of these platforms, Business Insider has forecast that robo advice technology will be responsible for approximately 10% of all global assets under management by 2020. The days of paying excessive fees for a financial adviser are now a distant memory for many investors.

The trade-off

Robo advice has changed the investment landscape for the better. But the reality is that investors are still not free to make all the important decisions. They are forced to choose between the convenience of robo advice platforms and the control offered by financial advisers. The former are easy to use but fall short on choice, offering off-the-shelf portfolios that don’t accurately reflect the unique needs of each investor. Conversely, if you want full control over your investments, you face the sky-high fees of a private institution or exposure to risk through the self — investment route.

The best of both worlds

This gap in the market is why Exo exists: we are a breakthrough for private investors, founded by experts with proven experience in investment management, data science and product development.

Our CEO Lennart Asshoff outlined his vision for the company when talking to whatinvestment.co.uk: “Using the latest advances in quantitative management techniques and proven risk management methodology, we are bringing a service historically only available to institutional and private banking clients to the mass market.”

Your investment co-pilot

Exo is a fully flexible investment service that gives you the support of personalised portfolio management with sophisticated tools — minus the prohibitive costs. The philosophy behind Exo is that you are in charge.

You select your investment focus, be it by asset class, region or sector and Exo builds your portfolio. A convenient way to steer the direction of your investments. Exo is your co-pilot: like your very own investment manager who works in the background to maximise the potential of your decisions.

With Exo, you benefit from algorithms honed over 30 years that monitor and finesse your portfolio on a daily basis, continuously managing your risk. This means you don’t have to worry about checking your investments every day. Unless you want to, of course.

People can act irrationally, especially during times of crisis. But applying maths over emotion makes for a smoother investment journey. For example, it eradicates several behavioural biases such as Loss Aversion or Regret Aversion — common stumbling blocks for even the most experienced investors. Ultimately, it makes for smarter decisions and greater control. Implementing this approach, Exo can, for example, gradually increase the weight of riskier assets during calmer market times to improve your chances of positive returns. Conversely, in volatile periods, gradually increasing the weight of safe-haven assets can help to reduce potential losses.

Take more control over your financial future, with less effort and sign up for Exo Investing.