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It’s time we turned investing on its head.

Years ago, generic product offerings were the only way companies could scale efficiently, over the last few decades this has changed significantly.

From personalised playlists on Spotify, to watchlists on Netflix, the more technology develops the better we become at creating personalised experiences and we thought...

“Shouldn’t this be the same for your investments?”

Private banks have been offering personalised services for decades and we decided it was time private investors had access to individual wealth management too.

Delivering this became our mission. We set out to create a platform which could truly adapt to each person’s financial goals and situations as well as the changing market environment.

And it wasn’t easy. In fact, it was really hard.

After speaking to customers, it became clear that what was important to them, didn't yet exist. They wanted to be able to take control of their investments, have the freedom to change their mind at any time, and they understandably didn't want to pay through the nose for it.

We took on the huge challenge of delivering a sophisticated investment platform which beyond taking an algorithmic approach to managing risk, could be easily modified by our clients.

And that’s what we’re proud to have built.


An investment platform that turns investing as we know it, on its head. One where you can pick and choose where and how you want to invest your money, change your focus areas at the click of a button, is always on, is always optimising itself, and takes into account your personal profile before making any decisions. All at a low cost, all-inclusive fee.

This is investing, made personal.