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What we do

What we do

We are the investment co-pilot, redefining how investing works for private individuals. By giving them the tools they need to effectively and efficiently manage their portfolios, we are completely redefining the investment experience.

Why we do it

Why we do it

We think everyday investors are forced to compromise on their investment needs. Exo Investing is a powerful combination of proven risk technology and individual portfolio management where the investor is always in control.

Who we are

Who we are

A fast-growing, multinational fintech startup with offices in Spain and the UK. Our engineering team sits in Madrid and our marketing, support and operational functions are based in London. Exo Investing is part of Finhub Technologies, a fintech product innovation firm.

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How we work

What we do

Latest Tech

We work with the latest technology in every field.

Simple structures

We plan and run our business with flat hierarchies and a hands-on mentality.

Agile methods

We combine SCRUM and sprint methodologies with kanban elements for our product development.

Daily flexibility

We encourage flexibility in where and how things get done, as long as they get done.

International perspective

We use tech to work across borders, but everybody has the opportunity to work at our other offices for some time to get to know the entire team.



We help out wherever help is needed and are not dogmatic about our tasks.


We are passionate about digital innovation and excited to change how people think about investing.


We value diversity in educational backgrounds and all other aspects of life.

English spoken

We are all no Shakespeares, but English is our working language at both offices.

What are we looking for

Active challengers icon

Active Challengers

Because we are small and grow fast, we need self starters with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Creative doers icon

Creative Doers

We value people with big ideas and a walk-the-walk attitude to go with it.

Lifelong learners icon

Lifelong Learners

Most important is the willingness to learn and grow with us and become the expert or generalist you want to be.

What are we looking for

    No opportunities available.