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Our vision

To turn the investment world upside down. We’re swapping suits for algorithms to give every individual their financial freedom.

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Our story

From personalised playlists on Spotify, to watchlists on Netflix, the more technology develops the more tailored our daily interactions become and we thought…

‘Shouldn’t this be the same for your investments?’

Private banks have been offering personalised services for decades and we decided it was time private investors had access to individual wealth management too.

In 2016 we launched the Exo platform in partnership with ETS, an asset management firm who’ve been managing billions for decades. Using their investment expertise and our nimble approach, we’ve created an AI wealth manager, available at a low, all-inclusive cost.

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Leadership team

Our leadership team combines expertise in investment management, new technologies, and product development for both sophisticated investors and high growth companies.

Lennart Asshoff
Lennart AsshoffFounder & CEO

Advisory team

Our advisory team has a depth of management experience in financial services and institutional risk control and a long history of successful collaboration. With a shared vision that powered a twenty year partnership between ETS and Compagnie Benjamin de Rothschild, collectively managing billions in assets, this same team is now working to apply their expertise to the retail market to benefit private investors.

Daniel Trèves

Daniel Trèves

Our partners

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ETS, Arianne and Benjamin De Rothschild

We are very lucky to work with incredible partners who are just as excited as us about the positive impact technology can have on the wealth management sector.

ETS Asset Management Factory have been using technology to manage investment portfolios before the word “Fintech” had even been created. For 30 years they have been honing their algorithms, managing billions in AUM.

A world leader in quantitative asset management and a focus on data-driven and personalised wealth management meant they were the perfect partner for us (not to mention that our CEO, Lennart Asshoff worked there as a product manager).

We are also privileged to work with Arianne & Benjamin De Rothschild, who have long been visionaries in the wealth sector and are huge advocates of leveraging technology to better service the financial needs of the next generation.

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